3 free apps that are better than a gym membership

3 apps that are better than a gym membership
Hello Globetrotters,

It is not always easy to be a member at a gym sometime you don´t have the money or sometimes you don´t have a fitness studio closed by. The 2nd is my reason right now and this is why I looked online for workouts I can do at home and then I realized I also could look for an app. My criteria were that the app has to be easy to handle as well as free. As an au pair it is hard to safe money and I didn´t wanted to spend money on something I might not like.

I went through a couple of apps before I found some I really like and thought they were helpful and easy to handle. If you want help in getting fit and stay healthy here are apps who do everything for you – except the exercise itself. Always remember a gym doesn´t mean you workout.


Workout Trainer (Android, IOS)

This app is really incredible and user friendly. For the first steps it asks you a couple questions like how often you want to train and what your goals are. When you are in the app you can choose single workouts or work with a whole program. This was one of the first apps I found and I still have it especially for the yoga and stretching routines.

workout trainer instead of a gym membership

C25k Couch to 5k by RunDouble

A runner’s app which brings you from zero to hero or with other words you start with walking and end up running 3.1 miles. It also has MyFitnessPal included, you can make your own play list and offers various tracking features for runs. If you get to know the app better you will find out that it offers also a zero to 10k, 5k to 10 and a half marathon plan.

running workout instead of a gym membership

7 minute workout – weight loss

A friend suggested that app to me and I was really surprised. The handling is as easy as riding a bike and you even can put in your details for a nutrition plan. If you chose to do a workout it will show time, how many exercises are left and it shows a video of the exercises. In my opinion seeing someone doing the exercise right makes me more aware of my posture and if I do it right.

Even the workouts are only 7 minutes long it will make you sweat like crazy and it will give you a soreness you never experienced before.

7 minute workout instead of a gym membership
Once in a while I do miss my gym but than I think back what I have achieved without it and compare pictures with each other. Or I just go and do a “trial” day at a gym around here and that works too.


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