4 days in Malta


Hello Globetrotters,


now we are getting down to my vacation time in Malta. Over the last couple of years it grew to be one of Europe’s most loved travel destinations alongside with other Mediterranean islands. Especially the cheap flights from major cities like Vienna, Frankfurt and Prague made it easier for people in the north of Europe to escape a cool fall and experience some last sun rays and beaches.

I alway heard things about Malta and how pretty it is and hoe many cultural thing it has to offer. As well as mountains and the beaches, which everybody knows I love. When my sister and I thought about a destination for this vacation we instantly thought about it and booked it right away. We arrived in the begin of October, the weather surprised us with more sun and warmer weather than expected or who expects summer weather in October. If you consider visiting Malta October might be just the best time to do it!


How to spend 4 days in Malta!

The first tip is to decide if you want to book one of the many nice hotels, go for a hostel or an AirBnB. My sister and I had both a stressful time behind us with working the touristic summer season in Austria and based on that we decided on booking a hotel plus pool.

We based ourselves in St. Julians because we wanted to be close to the Ocean as well to be able to use public transportation if we wanted. The argento hotel we stayed in was really close to the boardwalk as well to bus stops and restaurants. The township is well known for it´s party district but with more than 350 bars, night clubs or gentleman’s clubs that isn´t hard to figure out, this is also the reason why the locals call it “Sin City”. We made sure when booking the hotel that it was close to the airport that we could get a taxi to take us to the hotel as well as back to the airport.

The hotel roon in our boutique hotel Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

Day 1 in Malta: St. Julians

My sister and I arrived shortly after 1pm and decided to check into our hotel first to get settled. When we arrived at the hotel we were surprised how close everything was in real life and how pretty the hotel was. After seeing our room and the pool at the rooftop we were ready to see what the township has to offer. We grabbed lunch at a small restaurant and walked around all afternoon discovering the marina and the casino. In the early evening hours we went on the hunt for a local supermarket to get some bread and something small to eat on the side. We were exhausted and just ready for bed.

The views of Malta on that first day were amazing and we spend way too much time at the waterfront playing like little kids with the water, sitting on the rocks and strolling thru parks. Some time during the afternoon we decided also what we want to do the next day.


Day 2 in Malta: Hop on – Hop off bus

On the second day on Malta we decided to take the south tour with the Hop on Hop off busses. I can´t tell you why the south one but it seemed legit to us and like stops we would love to see. After a good breakfast we went to the front desk to purchase our tickets. Each was 20€ per person, what I think is a good prize for being able to use the bus the whole day and get some free tours at some stops.

The bus has 25 points at total, by some of them you stop and by some of them you just drive by slow and hear the history over the earphones. We started in St. Julians and made our way all the way around the south part in about 5 hours, we even took the tour a 2nd time and just sat in the bus to enjoy the views we had.

The first stop we got off was the Marsaxlokk fishing village, a town I see pictures from before but never knew that it was a small town on Malta. This is a small village in the south-east corner. The bay was full of colorful fisherman boats with most of them had a “osiris eye” on the side which are supposed to see everything around and protect boats from sinking. We were their on a Friday and the town was pretty quiet maybe it was also because it was a little later in the season. The delightful scenery was a pleasure for our eyes and we loved to be their.

Our 2nd stop on the tour was the blue grotto caves, we planned on taking a boat ride out into the caves but at the end the waves were to high because of the wind, and we couldn´t take the trip. But at the end alone the view we had and the souvenir shops and the stories from the locals was more than enough to satisfy our cravings for the adventure.

After we catched the bus again we hoped off at the Hagar Qim und Mnajdra temple ruins. They offered us a free tour at the ruins and we appreciated it and took it. We learned a lot about the temples and what is purpose was. The temples are also a piece in the world culture heritage from UNESCO. I myself learned a lot and enjoyed it. When we did finish the tour we took the bus to take a 2nd round just enjoy the view. We were exhausted after and went back to our hotel room to take a short nap.

When we finished our nap we went on a hunt for dinner and we found it in a nice fish restaurant down the street. The waiter was really nice and the meal was delicious. Dinner was over fast and we went home to get changed to check out the bars and the night scene. Late that night we got back in and slept until later next morning.


Day 3 on Malta: Relaxing 

Because we were a little hangover the next day we did spent a couple of hours at the pool which my sister enjoyed a lot. I had a fresh wound on my foot and couldn´t go into the pool sadly. Mid afternoon we got hungry and went to find a restaurant close by. We asked at the front desk also for some information on a mall and because one was close by we decided to eat their lunch. After about 20 minutes of walking we found the mall and chose to eat at the Hardrock Cafe Lunch. 

Satisfied we did spend the whole afternoon shopping for some new outfits and for some more souvenirs. We had a blast discovering new brands and try on some silly things. Couple hours later we were ready for dinner and after dropping of our purchases we went to restaurant we walked by a couple of times before and the Pizza´s always smelled really good and believe me they were so good. Later that night we went out again but we had more of a relaxed night and went home earlier than the day before.


Day 4 on Malta: Going home

On our last day we went for a last walk around the township and along the boardwalk before we had to go back to the hotel to grab our things and fly back home.

As a resume I would say to see everything exciting we wouldn´t have needed more than 4/5 days but I fell in love with Malta and could have stayed for way longer then 4 days. Some people told me before it is for retired people or for young spring breakers but I thought it was just right for us as well. Isn´t it always what you make put of it?


Would you like to visit Malta? Was there any place that has disappointed you?


Cliff on Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

Cliff on Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

View from out hotel room Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

View from a high point in Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

Cliff on Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

Typical blue doors and windows Malta, Italy Vienista by Daniela

Cliff view from on of the most southern points in Malta, Italy



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