4th of July in Maplewood, New Jersey

4th July in Maplewood New Jersey

Hello Globetrotters,

the long independance day weekend is over and I´m back to my usual work routine. But I have to admit that I enjoyed my weekend a lot and I was sad that it was over. Saturday I enjoyed a quiet day on the sofa as well as laying in the sun and reading a good book. Sunday I went to the city for brunch with a friend and at the end we ended up at a rooftop bar as well.

But the highlight was Monday, 4th of July because the town I live in, Maplewood, had a whole festival going on. Starting with a 5k run in the morning, followed by a opening ceremonie and a bunch of other things throughout the day. I would have loved to run the 5k with all the other people from around here but I did sign up for the baking contest starting at 9am and that did mean no time for a run in the morning.

Because of my background in the tourism / restaurant industry I know how to plan my baking to finish in time or should I better say I prepared everything the day before and put it in the fridge. I entered a typical Austrian bread “Salzstangerl” and an apple pie after my grandma´s recipe. Both are recipes I made many many times before and I as well love to eat them. Due to the judging starting an hour after I dropped them off I didn´t stay and came back after the cakes/pies/breads were open to eat to the public and that was also the time I did found out if I placed or not.

4th July in Maplewood New Jersey

Gosh I was so excited and couldn´t wait to find out, yes I´m a very competitive person when it comes to sports and baking/cooking because those are my 2 passions. When I arrived I found out that I placed twice. My bread made 2nd place and my pie made 3rd place. In the first moment I didn´t know what to do, jump up and down or sit down because my legs were shaking. I was hopping for an outcome like that but not really expected it. I watched the kids relayes for a little while and went home after.

I came back in the afternoon to discover the rest of the activities. First I made my way over to the car show because as everybody I like to see fancy cars. They had some really crazy cars there and I enjoyed it but soon it was over and the cars left the lot to make their way home. I miss all the eating contests but that was fine with me, didn´t need to see that. After I did pay a visit to the Circus which was great and really entertaining. When the circus was over I went to take a look at the “board walk”, only a couple of things to do for the kids like a mirror cabinet and took a look into the main tent to see what is going on.

My last station were the food trucks and what they have to offer. Due to me being a vegetarian the choiches were very limited which I found disappointing but at the end I could choose between seafood, corn or fried Mac & Cheese, I chose the last because I love pasta and cheese. I sat down at an empty table and enjoyed the food, was surprised how good it was but at the end I wouldn´t buy it again. The portion was kind of small and costed me $7. Before I went home again I took a couple of pictures and made the decision to come back later to watch the fireworks.

Sadly it started to rain 1 hour before the big spectacle and the fireworks were posponed till the next day.


What did you do on July 4th?


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