5 unusual reason you are not losing weight

The truth about why you are not losing weight

Hello Globetrotters, 

As everybody knows losing weight can be one of the hardest hurdles you ever have to over come. Not that it is super hard to do but it can be really tricky at some points and when you don´t know why hit a plateau at one point you can get tired of it and just give up. 

We all know that we need to consume fewer calories than you burn to lose pounds, but sometimes, even when you are doing everything right, that weight loss can come down to 0. In most of these situations you need a little lifestyle change. 

1. You are stressed 

Almost nobody knows that stress can kill your weight los. Why? Because stress releases cortisoaka “the stress hormone”, which encourages the storage of body fat and the degrades of muscles tissue. Make an effort to lower your stress level and you will see how fast it works. 

2. You are not getting enough sleep

You need sleep to have energy and lose weight. Sleep reduces the level of cortisol and produces groth hormone. It encourages fat loss, supports your immune system and helps to keepr the organs functioning properly as well as balances out the hormones that control hunger. 

3. You are not drinkig enough water

I know I know, you heard this many times and are sick and tired to hear it again but water is important to your health. Most people in the world still drink not enough water by choice but the soution is so simple, when you are feeling thirsty go drink some water. In aprticular around your workouts, make sure you drink 8 oz before and 8 oz after. 

4. Your digestive system is poor

If you want to improve your ability to lose fat, boost your immune system, get a clear skin or just feel better on a day to day base your digestion has to be in a great shape. Some tips to help get it to work: drink water, reduce stress, eat less snacks and more balanced meals, make sure you are chewing your food long enough and reduce dairy.

5. You are not eating enough fiber

Fiber is so much more than just an ingredient of your food, it aids digestive health and helps to create a sense of fulness. With all that it helps you as well to consume fewer calories.

Could one of those 5 reasons be to blame for your weight loss plateau?


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