A weekend trip to Mallorca, Spain – Day 1


Hello Globetrotters,

When I was working a 9 to 5 job from Monday through Friday I always had the weekends of and I took that time to explore cities around me in Austria. But sometimes the travel bug bit me and I had to go somewhere else and enjoy for example the sunny beaches.

A couple of years ago I decided to visit Mallorca, Spain for a weekend after a long and rainy period in Austria. Because it was really spontaneous I booked my flight and Hotel last minute and got a pretty good deal for it. When I have the time and the money I prefer going last minute somewhere because it gives me the option to choose from different locations for a minimal price.

Friday afternoon I made my way to the airport in Vienna and took off. Two hours later the warm and sunny Mallorca air greated me and I was right away the luckiest person on earth. It was a nice change for me because I love the warm weather and the sun. A taxi was easy to find and I was in no time at my hotel in Palma which was close to the beach. When I booked the hotel it was important that they have a pool and are close to the beach.

One aspect that is always on my list when I travel is that I want to keep continuing with my workouts. The first things in my suitcase when I pack are always a bathingsuit and my running shoes.

When I checked into my hotel it was already early evening and I was in desperate need of a walk to stretch out my legs. During my walk I got really hungry and chose to sit down at a typical mallorquin tapas restaurant, to enjoy some of them with a glass of Sangria.

What to do in Mallorca?

On the next day I decided to explore more of Mallorca´s board walks and see where it leads me. I choose the direction of Downtown Palma, due to his historical sights. For this weekend I decided not to plan anything and just go with the flow, I wanted to be flexible and spontaneous. On my way I passed the aquarium and before I could even think about it I purchased a ticket. The aquarium is big and has many things to offer. Regular public feedings and lectures to the over 8000 species. It took me almost 3 hours to see everything and explore it.
Aquarium playground Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Playground at the aquarium
When I left I satisfied my hunger with a bite to eat and continued my walk to the historical side of Palma. The only thing between me and the famous cathedral la seu was a 6 mile walk way and to be honest it didn´t bother me at all to walk it. The way was really nice, I could see the marina – the yacht harbor and some beach clubs. I could watch the kids play at the beach, was observing
sail boarders and many other things.
The cathedral is huge and one of the prettiest buildings I saw so far. I walk around it and was impressed by the views I had to even forget to take a million pictures like I normally do. On that day I was lucky and a little traditional farmers market was their too. I had the chance to try some new foods, see traditional clothing and accessories as well as some street artists.
Cathedrale Palma de Mallorca, Spain
After that I was a little bit overwhelmed and decided to linger thru the little side streets to see a little bit more of the traditional restaurants and bars. Ever since then I´m in love with Spanish side streets and their charm. A little later my stomach was telling me that he wants some food. So I stopped by one of the little restaurants to order a cafe con leche – coffee with milk and a tumbet – similar to ratatouille but way better. I enjoyed it a lot and the nice view too.
I took a taxi to get back home to the hotel. There I decided to take a nap before I will go for a drink with a group of young people I did meet in the morning over breakfast. Together we went to the Bierkönig, a really famous bar at the famous Ballerman. It was opening night, that means it was crowded. We danced, enjoyed some cocktails and had a ton of fun.
How the weekend ends will be in my next report. Who had the chance to discover Mallorca or Spain? What did you like what didn´t you like?


Beach Palma de Mallorca, Spain


horses in Palma de Mallorca, Spain





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