A weekend trip to Mallorca, Spain – Day 2

Hello Globetrotters,

Due to day 1 on Mallorca ending later than my usual bed time sleeping in sounded like a great idea. Deactivated the alarm and slept like a baby until 10am. Although I was really hungry when I woke up I decided to get ready first and store my bag in the front desk storage room.

After having a relaxed breakfast I asked the front desk for some advice on what to visit and they were helpful and gave me some good tips especially with finding a car rental place.

My first stop, the gardens from alfabia, were only 30 minutes by car but the street had many good overlook points so I stopped at some of them. The gardens are a mixture between old historic house, park and gardens.

The touristic in Mallorca did a really gob job with putting signs up and this made the entrance easy to find. 

Donkey on Mallorca Spain Vienista by Daniela

When I paid for the entrance I had to decide between a tour guide or a self guided tour. I went for the self guided tour because I love to do things my own pace and take my time to explore things. Walking thru the first archway was amazing but what I discovered behind it was even more breath-taking. Since it was early in the day I took a look thru the gardens

and discovered many animals before it got hot. When I was almost done it started to get hotter and this was just the perfect time to explore the house.

When I left I was a satisfied nature and history fan but still wanted to see more from the island. Because it was now really warm the decision fell on Alcudia a nice little town in the north of Mallorca with a pretty coast line. On the way my stomach started to mumble and I knew it was time for something to eat. After I was thinking about what to do I remembered that a friend told me once about a familiar atmosphere restaurant. Lucky me he was fast in picking up his phone and telling me the name and the address. The detour I had to take to get there didn´t seem to bad for the stories he told me on the phone. The Finca hotel predio son serra is not the easiest restaurant to find but at the end it was worth every minute.

Because the terrace was nice and shady I did sit outside and enjoy the overview of the one-of-a-kind garden. The finca was quiet and I enjoyed it after the busy Saturday. The employees were nice and fast with taking my order and preparing it for me, even tho the menu was small it had enough options to choose from. When they served my lunch was composed of gazpacho, aioli, olives and slices of fresh baguette I was starving and I was pleasantly surprised how good the food was. Happy and satisfied I found my way back to my car.

In Alcudia I parked the car and decided to slender through the city. My walk directed me to an old church also called Saint Jaume with its little museum on the side which showcases old robes from priests.

The next sight was easy to reach because it was just across the street, the library can torro. I let my Sunday end with a short walk along the ocean front where I decided to treat myself to some majorcan dessert. I ended up getting a good cup of tea accompanied by a dessert platter with different specialities from Mallorca – gato d´almeada (almond cake), lemon tart a la mallorquin and crème de Catalana (orange pudding similar to a crème brulee).

I enjoyed the sunbeams on my skin all the way but sadly it was time to return to the hotel to grab my bag and hop on the bus to go to the airport. My weekend in Mallorca was short but worth every cent


Did you ever visit the Island or Spain at all?

Mallorca Spain Vienista by Daniela

How much money did I spend?

Flight: 157 € round trip

Hotel: 63 € for 2 nights + breakfast

Food + Drinks: 35 € (Mallorca can be pretty cheap + didn´t pay for drinks Saturday night)

Aquarium: 21,50 €

Gardens: 6,50 €

Bus: 2,50 €

Taxi: 8 €

Car + parking: 25 €

Total: 318,50 € + 30 € for souvenirs (Prices are from 2013)

Mallorca Spain Vienista by Daniela

Mallorca Spain Vienista by Daniela


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