Beach time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Beach Fort Lauderdale Florida

Hello Globetrotter,

during my time in Florida for the wings for life world run I also had some time to enjoy an afternoon at the beach. I did not plan on going to the beach, I planned an active afternoon in the city and explore some things but as life happens I got a really bad sunburn that morning, during my run and I wanted to do something more realxing.

I´m not the typical beach person. When I go to the beach, I bring water and fruits to eat, a book to read and some beach games like a volleyball, a frisbee, Bocce balls or smash ball bats. Yes, I go to the beach to be active and not just lay around.

Because I didn´t know which beach was the best I asked my couchsurfing host for advice and he offered me to take me because he had the day off and wanted to go to the beach anyway. We took the car to the Hollywood beach, which was only a 15 min car ride from the apartement. Finding a parking lot was easy because there were a lot and most of them were even with trees around. The beach was free but for the parking we had to pay but that was just a small fee and nothing to expensive. My first impression was a good one, my second was, were is the beach and then I saw the trail thru the “forest” to the beach.


Being at the beach again felt great. The last time I have been to the beach was 8 months before that and it felt like it has been forever. Feeling the warm sand under my feet and the sun on my skin was an instant relaxation for me. I was positive surprised how empty it was and how clean. The city has a lot of well placed trash cans out and all of them are well covered. In the meaning of they don´t like trash cans but are trash cans.

That Sunday we had wind and that made big waves so we weren´t allowed to go really deep into the water which was fine for me. The sunburn was hurting a little and the sun made it just worse. I spend my time in the shade talking to the host, looking at the waves and reading a book. After a while we decided to play smash ball, I wasn´t the best player but we both had a ton of fun.

We stayed for almost 3 hours and went home a little before dinner time. I was hungry and ready for shower and after sun lotion. I have to say that this was one of the best beaches I ever been too and I have been to a lot of beaches.

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