Day Trip: Old York Cellar in Ringoes, NJ

wine tasting Old York wine cellar paired with chocolate and cheese

Hello Globetrotters,

once in a while I need to get a way and do something relaxing and calm. It was a spontaneous decision but one of the bests I ever made and groupon helped a little as well. Together with a friend we looked up some things to do and when we decided on some places we checked out groupon and our final decision was made. They offered it for 15 $ for two instead of 26$.

We jumped in the car to drive the 45 minutes to our destination, called Old York Cellar in Ringeos, New Jersey. What made us chose this cellar? They offer a different variety of wine tastings (plain wine, paired with chocolate or cheese or with a whole meal) and I love wine. I, myself was born in a wine town and grew up drinking wine. This was the first real wine tasting I had in the US and I felt like I´m doing this for the first time, again. Besides that it included chocolate as well.

The drive appeared shorter than it was because the route was scenic and it was new. I never drove south east from Maplewood and I was amazed by the things I discovered. When we turned on the street the wine yard is placed on I was like, here is nothing but than we drove for another minute and I saw the beautiful entrance of it and I was stunned. When you enter the drive way you have vines to both sides. Ahead of you are more vines and 3 buildings. One of them is the tasting room, 1 is for private parties and one is the winery.


We were lucky right when we arrived a new tour was starting, we decided to enjoy the 10 minute tour before we taste the grape juice. The tour was short but covered the most information you needed to know about the winery and how they make their wine. I was surprised by how many people were there. I would say something between 30-40 people. During the tour we also saw some more sculptures hidden in the between the vines.

When the tour was over we entered the tasting room and were greeted nicely by the wine servers and got a short introduction on how the whole tasting works. We each got a list with all the wines they produce and we each could choose 6 wines we wanted to try. The list has 17 wines in total, they are grouped in dry white, dry red, off-dry/semi-sweet and dessert wines. My choices were 1 dry white (super yummi), 2 dry red (one delicious and one a little to sour for my taste), 1 semi-sweet (to die for) and the final 2 were dessert wines, my always favorite ones (I hope you don´t expect me to share them).


Under every wine was a little description, which medal it made in which competition, the typical taste of it and with which chocolate you pair it best. With the first wine came 4 small packages of chocolate (38% / 54% / 61% / 72%). We took our time and the staff was really nice, they always had answers to our questions and small talked with us, when we weren´t in a conversation with each other. Six wines and some sweet chocolate later we took a look at the gift shop section in the tasting room, they had local products displayed as well as their wine. My friend bought 2 bottles of wine, we said our goodbyes and went left. On our way home we saw that in the same town they also have other wine cellars and a steam locomotive.

They have a fall harvest festival coming up on September 24th & 25th. Local food and craft venders will be at the festival as well.

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