Day Trip: Treetop Adventure course West Orange, New Jersey

Treetop turtle back adventour coursewest orange

Hello Globetrotters,

Now that the summer is finally here with the sun and the warmer temperatures I enjoy as much time outside as possible. Last weekend a friend and I decided to use the good weather for some good time. Saturday we went to the pool and played around. It was my first time this year and it was amazing. I grew up having a pool in the backyard and I always enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday was our adventure day and we planned something more exciting. After we finished watching the soccer game between Germany and Slovakia, which Germany won, we went to the treetop adventure course. This one is located close to the turtle back zoo in the South Mountain reservation. The climbing park is easy to find and offers a big parking lot for free. The staff at the ticket booth is fast and nice and helped with al the questions I had for them. The entrance fee is a little pricey with 28$ for just the course and 33$ with the Zip line, but I think it is worth it.

Treetop turtle back adventour coursewest orange

Before you can do the first obstacle you have to put on a harness and a helmet and you get a little pep talk about safety and proper use of the course. The whole course is splitted in 2 parts which you will start at number one and later move on to number 2. My friend and I got in row and had only 8 people ahead of us which we thought would be a short wait but it can be a long wait if you are, like us, have 1 or 2 people who are super afraid of heights or hate things they can´t control. My recommendation for you guys is try the kids course first or go on a day when there are not as many people around.

We got lucky and had 1 girls ahead who was afraid of letting go and had to be lowered down and a body who was afraid of the moving part. Of course I checked the homepage before and the impression I got is that they only allow a certain amount of people on the course but it was packed and the line behind us was super long. Next time I would definitely go during the week because more people are at work and kids are in school. As soon as the kids were done we started and I was done in no time. Even tho I´m not afraid of heights or things moving I was a bit scared when I stepped on the first free hanging object.

Treetop turtle back adventour coursewest orange

The 2nd course was better because it was longer and a little more challenging. Due to being with a friend we were able to take pictures of each other which makes always nice memories. We also had the chance to enjoy the obstacles more and talk a little and get to know other people around us. Online it said the estimated finish time will be between 1 and 1 1/2 hours and I finished some time around that. When I finished and saw the long waiting lines I was just happy we came early enough to miss them.

But the best part was the zip line at the end. The starting point is at 40 feet height and the wait is super short because 2 can go at the same time. Even the zip line is over a football field long it takes only a couple of seconds to be down at the end but I had an amazing view as well as a unique experience. I personally would go to an adventure course or a zip line again, but to be honest I´m not going back to this one, just to crowded. At the end I enjoyed the afternoon and I´m glad I did do it.

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