Fast & easy low carb Pizza

Low carb pizza with mushrooms and peppers

Hello Globetrotters,

Not everybody might know it yet but there is a low carb Pizza with a crust made of tuna! Seriously. It might sound like the weirdest thing but it is not and it doesn´t taste weird at all. I promise you. It really tastes good and not like tuna. The only word I can give you is mine because I never made it for someone else but I gave the recipe to other people and I had no complains so far.

Holding this Pizza is easier than a regular Pizza because the crust is firm and it is dairy free as well.

I have no idea were exactly I got this recipe from but I guess I saw it on some other blog or cooking site online. Finding new recipes online and doing them is my favourite thing about social media and being connected to such a big crowd.

A Pizza just like my taste low on calories and carbs. What kind of pizza you love to eat?

Low carb tuna dough pizza


Low carb Pizza crust

Servings: 1 Portion

Low carb tuna dough Pizza with tomatoes and squash


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