Essex County Cherry Blossom 10k review

Essex county cherry blossom 10k Vienista by Daniela

Hello Globetrotters,


after my last 10k in Central Park I was very proud of myself for achieving a new personal best time (PR) and for enjoying it more than any 10k run before. Of course I shared my success with friends and family, one friend was even sure the next time I will run under 55 minutes, which would be 3 minutes faster than the one I just did. My response, impossible!!!

Originally I was planning on doing another one at the end of April to check my form for the half marathon. But one late night a couple of days after Central Park I discovered the Essex county cherry blossom 10k and signed up.

Start line cherry blossom 10k

Now I could tell you again how I felt during my run and everything but I have to admit I mostly have the same thoughts. My plan for this race was to meet some other runners, from a meetup group, and just have fun. Because it was only 2 weeks after the other one I had no time preference. I just wanted to finish under 1:05 h and not focus on time besides that. I personally think a good trainings run is worth more than one you regret.

Before the race I did meet the other runners, we warmed up together and talked a little about our running history and our future goals. We all started together but separated up soon after. I had no problem with that because we said we are going to meet up after again.

When I crossed the finish line I stopped my timing app as usual and I kind freaked out because it stated that I ran the cherry blossom 10k in a new PB, 53:58 min. I couldn´t believe and checked twice and I even danced a little to celebrate myself. That was a shock for me because it did mean I ran 4 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago.

After I calmed down a little bit I grabbed my medal, a bagel, an apple and a water to recover a bit and fill up my energy reserves. It wasn´t hard to find the group, we talked about our times, shared new PR´s, took pictures and we all went home after.

I have no idea how I did make that happen but doing it was an even better felling than planning it.


Did something surprising like this ever happen to you?


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