Hometown series: Small town moments in Eisenberg

view from mountain

Hello Globetrotters,

Eisenberg an der Pimka is one of those small towns in the south of Burgenland, Austria. Everybody knows everybody and I really mean it that way. When I was a kid, about 8 years old my mom and I had a fight, after that I packed my bag and tried to run away. Why tried, because I wasn’t even 1 mile away from home and someone had already called my mom. That was my one and only try. Growing up in a small town like Eisenberg was one of the best things ever. I´m a lucky girl to call it my hometown.

Eisenberg an der Pinka a small hometown but with many things to do

What to do in Eisenberg?

Basically it is a wine town with many big wine yards. They still offer tourists to stop by and learn about the whole process of wine making. After you are done you are more than welcome to stay for a wine tasting or grape juice for the kids or for a good talk and some home made sandwiches.

When you are lucky and you come by at the end of September beginning of October you can jump in and help harvest the grapes. Be the first one to try the new grapes and give them your okay.


For me helping to harvest wasn’t as interesting as eating them. I took more the chance to get outside and go for a hike and when I passed by some yummy grapes I would get some and eat them on the way up the mountain. I loved to stand on top of the mountain and enjoy the view.


Now 15 years later the hidden ways, I used back then, are now open and well signed paths for hikers. On top of the mountain we do have now a new overlook called “wine view” and when you take a closer look you will see a view castles closer by as well as the Hungarian side of the mountain. Over the years the tourism evolved and has now much more to offer.


Many castles to see!

In a 25 mile radius around Eisenberg you can find much more these days. Old things got renovated and re-opened for the public as well as new things got build and opened for the public. We have 4 castles close by and one is prettier than the other one and has more historical background to offer than the other one. Those four castles are castle Guessing, Castle Schlaining, Castle Bernstein and Castle Lockenhaus.


Maybe you are more of an action fan then visit one of the many options to swim. In the summer time we have open outdoor pools with playgrounds, slides and amazing restaurants closed by as well as we have open lakes with entertainment closed by like tennis courts, mini golfing areas, inflatable playgrounds for the lakes and restaurants with outdoor sitting areas. Closed by lakes and pools are lake NaBaBu, Schwimmbad Großpetersdorf or lake Moschendorf.

Eisenberg an der Pinka a small hometown but with many things to do

If you are coming during the colder months we have many hot spring resorts for the public open and a lot of fun. I always loved to come here with my grandparents and parents because they always have different pools like a swim training pool, a wave pool and a regular one where the slides end in and you just can enjoy the warm water. Two of the ones I always go to are Therme Stegersbach and Therme Bad Tatzmannsdorf.


If that wasn’t enough action we have more to offer like golf courses in the county or canoe trips on a river closed by. When you are more of a calm traveler visit one of the many “Vinotheks” around town to enjoy a glass of wine or visit one of the two chocolate manufactures around Eisenberg an der Pinka. One is called Praline Spiegel is more of a traditional handmade chocolatier and chocolate manufacture Zotter is more of a experimental factory or who ever thought about white chocolate with pumpkin seeds or dark chocolate with chili tastes great. Believe me I tried them and I was surprised how good they were.

During the year my hometown Eisenberg an der Pinka has many events for the public like tastings for the first wines from last fall, vintage tractor meetings. Special events for kids or just get together with cake and coffee.


When I was younger I always thought my hometown was boring but now thinking back I had a great childhood and many things to do.


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