How to stay motivated to workout


Hello Globetrotters,

As you know I´m in the middle of getting my body in shape for this summer as welll as for my upcoming race (half marathon and marathon) but sometimes I do have trouble to stay focused and do my workouts. Of course for 90% of the time I can do it and enjoy doing them. But on some days I just don´t feel like doing them and everything else is more important like reading a book, watching a movie oder talking to a friend.

Who doesn´t know that problem? I allege that the most of you my readers know that problem as well. Why shouldn´t it be like that? We all are only people with days where everything is just “nahh” and we don´t want to do anything beside sitting on the couch and relax. I´m not a person who trys to hide those days. That just happens from time to time.

At the end I don´t want to regret that I didn´t do the workouts this is why I found some tips who help me to stay motivated or to get motivated to start and end them. I get ask a lot how I do it and this is why I share them with you today.

Whats help you to stay motivated? How do you keep track?

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1. Find your sport:


Not everyone can be a walker/runner typ like I´m one. I love to go Nordic walking and run around the pond. 
Try to find your kind of sport. Something you enjoy doing and keeps you motivated and keeps you entertained to reach your goals. Everyone thought at least at one kind of sport you ever wanted to try. What was yours? Horse back riding? Climbing? Kajaking? Boxing? I dare you to try it. Almost every sports club let you try it for free, so do it. You got nothing to lose.
What did you enjoy doing in your childhood? I enjoyed ice skating and still love to do it. Try them, there is no reason for still enjoying them. 

2. Set yourself goals:


Set yourself a big goal and also include many small goals. Try to be realistc when you set the big goal for you. It´s not gonna happen that you will lose your 20 kg you want to lose in 2 weeks. Just remember yourself that it took longer to put it on so it will also take longer to get rid of it.
Goals are very important for your success. They show you what you want to reach and they help you to stay motivated. Goals are like magnets as closer you get the harder you want to rach it and you keep working for it.  
The goal has to be formulated clearly, it has to be attracitve like 50 reps in 2 weeks, it has to be realistic and when your set it write it down in a positive way. 

3. Do it together:


Even more fun is a workout if you do it together, in a community. Ask a friend of yours or a co-worker if you want to start workoing out together. Also a sports club near you is a good solution and you can also find new friends on the side. This also an easy way to keep you motivated. 
Is a friend waiting for you and the appointment was set a while ago, it will be harder for you to quit on her. It is also easier to get rid of your weaker self because you don´t want to disappoint her. The best reason for you to show up. 

4. Sport kills calories:


That should be enough motivation for some days. Everyone knows those days when the chocolate is better then the apple or the cake tastes better then the yoghurt for a snack. 
With enough sport this little slip will not change the out come at the end of the week, when you step on the scale.
Sports who burn a lot of calories are: running, swimming, burpees, planks etc. 


5. Music for your ears


Music stimulates your sinns because it brings up emotions in you and pictures you connect to the song. Music distracts you from those last 10 seconds you normally don´t do. 
It helps you to get rid of your tiredness and softens your fears. The music also helps you to concentrate and is often a very important part of losing or winning a competition. Music is a helper for you to get into your “zone” and to fade out other distractions. 


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