Last years 4th of July in Los Angeles

4th of July in Los Angeles

Hello Globetrotters,

I just wanted to give you a chance of seeing how different the4th of July can be in the US. Last year I did spend it in Los Angeles, a big city with a lot to offer compared to the small town of Maplewood.

The 4th July did start for me and my friend with another 5k run. Why not? It is a special day for the US and a special day for my friend because it is her birthday. and because of that reason it was up to her to decide that day. 

So we did start with the run in Santa Monica. We did meet before and walked to the starting line together and it was my job as usual to motivate her and tell her that she can do more than she think she can do. I told her we will be better than the week before and I was counting on running it in 36 Minutes and something but we made it in 35.46 minutes which I still can´t believe. That just gave an awesome start into our day. 

Back in the care she opened her present which was a survival package for a Nanny in LA. It had sweet in it, chips, magazines, a t-shirt and so on. And yes as a Nanny you need those things. 

After that happy ceremony we went to her house to get all dolled up and eat the self made chocolate birthday cake and sing happy birthday. We also took some pictures in the backyard before we left. 

4th of July in Los Angeles We decided to watch the parade in Pacific Palisides because we both never been there. We parked and made our way to the main street because we had some time left before everything did start we walked around to find the perfect spot. The parade did start with base jumpers and the moment they made it safe back to mother earth the parade did start. It was amazing to see all those 200 acts including the police, fire trucks, veterans, marching bands, dancers and so on. 

Two hours later everything was over and we went to find some food. We ended up eating at a mexican restaurant because they have just the best fried ice cream. She had a burger and I had cheese quesadillas oh man, how much I missed quesadillas. And yes we did not count any calories or macros or something else on that day. Days like this should be days you just enjoy life to the fullest. 

Back home we both did lay down to get some rest before the evening program. Ours did include going to the Beverly Hills mountains to see the fireworks from above. It was windy and a bit freezing but the view was amazing and the house at the viewing spot had a party going on so we had good music as well. We did bring some snacks but didn´t eat them because of the wind. We watched the whole things for about 30 minutes before we left. 

At home we snuggled up on the sofa with some snacks and a cockatil. We talked a bit and watched “the other woman”. At the end it was an awesome day and I hope she will never forget her birthday in the US. 

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