NYRR Mini 10k race recap

Mini 10k olympians runnign NYRR

Hello Globetrotters,

last Saturday I had my last official race before the fall season starts. To be honest with you, this run made me nervouse because I knew that the route would have many long inclines and it will be humid and hot. Yes, I was scared to run the Mini 10k.

I had to get up at 5am to be able to pick up my race bib before the start. I overslept a little and had no time to grab my usual bagel and that is why I had nothing to eat before the race and I felt it but more in a little bit. At train station I already saw 5-6 other ladies waiting for the train. Why only ladies? because this race was made for only women. In New York I went straight to the subway and hopped on.

Mini 10k starting line trump tower

When I got off at Columbus Circle and when I wanted to grab my bagel I realized I forgot it and I only had my water with me. For me personaly my bagel is important, maybe it is just my imagination but I feel like I stay more hydrated during a long run and I´m not as thirsty. But still I decided to go with it and just drink my water before the start. I picked up my bib and dropped my bag at the drop off, made my way to my coral and got ready to warm up.

A little before 8am the organicer introduced us to the 17 olympians (in Rio) who will run as well and one of the 8.000 women who ran the race as well sang the national anthem. At 8am the gun went off and the first corals started to run, this time we had a coral start, meaning each minute a coral will start. This was a way better system than the all at once start.

It was a great feeling to start infront of the trump tower and run the same route as olympians run at the same time. The first mile I felt great and I kept my goal of starting slow. The biggest problem I had the first 2 miles was the running around slow runners/walkers and they were all over the place. Normally when you are slower you try to stay at the right side of the route but this time they used the whole space and sometimes I was stuck behind them for 20+ seconds. It annoyed me a little but at the end I was proud of them doing such a great thing and run a 10k.

Mile 2 and 3 were okay, but I made sure to stop at every water stop because I felt so thirsty and thought I can´t run without water. Here I felt the missing bagel the most and the warm weather didn´t help either. Mile 4 and 5 were rough but managable, I still had to go around some runners but it wasn´t bad or something.
But mile 6 was the worst, after all the long inclines before I was just done with it and was ready to be done with the whole thing. I never had the feeling I wanted to give up, I just was done with the hills.

mini 10k route central park

The last 0.2 miles I gave it all I had, the huge cheering crowed who was there helped a lot too and to see the time I would be at. I finished in 57:15 minutes, a 8:57 min pace. Would I have liked to finish faster? Sure, but I gave it my all and I was proud of myself for finishing and even 1 minute faster than last time I ran in central park.

To time myself I used as always the NIKE+ app but due to the moving around people I finished my 10k already a little before the 6 mile mark. I was as surprised as you are right now when the app told me that but besides that it was super accurate. I grabbed my medal, my pink bagel as well as my pink flower and made my way to meet one of my friends.

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