Paddle boarding – a good core workout

Stand up paddle boarding core wotkout NYC Los Angeles


Hello Globetrotters,

during my 18 months here in the US, I was able to discover and try new ways to have a great and fun workout. My first contact with the next one, stand up paddle boarding was in Los Angeles.

A couple of friends asked me to join them for a new adventure. This time around they chose paddle boarding and to be honest they almost had to talk me into doing it. Yes, I was hesitating but only because it should take place in the marina and we all know there is always that one boat owner who doesn´t care who else is around. To me falling in the water because of that scared me.

No matter what I showed up at the meeting point on time and paid $ 15 for the 2 hour adventure. When you go in the early mornings during the week and you see it is slow, ask nicely and they might even extend your time for 15-30 minutes. After we checked in we go our life saving packs and a little how to-talk.

When it was time to step on the boards I let the experienced ladies go first to see how they do it. Lucky me I wasn´t the only one who was a little scared and that took away from my nervousness. I just went for it, first step was to sit on the knees and when you felt comfortable to get up on your feet. Placing your feet in the right spots made getting up way easier. As soon as we were all up on our feet we started to paddle and it was easier than I expected it to be. But after a while you could feel all the muscles burn, abs, arms and shoulders were on fire. Which is great because it gives you a great upper body workout at the same time as you do something fun.

On the water we met other water sports enthusiasts, people on small and large boats as well as some seals laying in the sun. When the time was over we returned to the dry land. After we got dressed again and said our goodbyes to friends who had to leave we went to brunch at a close hotel. We all had great conversations, a ton of fun and an awesome workout. Of course we took our chance to take many pictures but as usual nothing can reach the memories we made that day.

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I´m sure by now you are wondering why I´m telling you now about it, the answer is short. It is my birthday today and I decided finally on my present for myself. I will do something that scares me almost as much as stand up paddle boarding – I will go kayaking around Manhattan. I hope the weather is good this upcoming weekend and I can do a sight seeing tour around Manhattan.


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