Popsicle sticks in a jar workout

Popsicle workout vienista by Daniela

Hello Globetrotters,


In the last couple of weeks when I need inspiration I go and look through Pinterest and I must say I come across many interesting things. One of them being a popsicle sticks workout. First I clicked on the picture because I liked the colors but after I realized what it is I went shopping on Amazon. I needed to order some sticks and lucky me they even offered already colored ones.

Popsicle sticks jar workout from Pinterest Vienista by Daniela

I have no clue who came up with that idea but I think it is awesome. I probably would have never thought about something like this. For me one word describes that idea the best: simple. It is easy to make and easy to use, nothing complicated, no counting, no making your hands dirty and no remembering of an order.


Get some colored popsicle sticks and write some exercises on them, put them in a jar and when you want to workout pull them out at random or chose one color to build yourself a workout. It is an easy way to bust boredom and to make you want to workout again.

For me it the decision to choose one color for one muscle group was easy because that made it easier for me to find them when I want to do a leg day or a special workout for my abs. I went for 6 different colors for the popsicle sticks. My colors are sorted in arms, chest & back, legs, cardio, abs and booty.

To write the 2 exercises on each popsicle I used a thin black marker and did let them dry for a little bit after.


Now when I want to do a workout I only have to pull out some popsicle sticks and put my workout clothes and I can do it anywhere I want. Sometimes I do them at home in the living room, if it is warm enough I use the porch to workout and when I meet friends I grab the sticks and go to the park. I always do 3-5 rounds and the reps that are on the popsicle sticks.


I use this workout system since now 3 days and I´m in love with it. Might help that I only did write exercises on the sticks I enjoy doing and I know that are good for that area. But I made also sure not to let out any muscle groups. The exercises are personalized for me and what I´m capable of which is why I will not share all of my popsicle with you guys. And I hope you don´t think now I only did chose easy ones because this is not true or who thinks 15 burpees and a 1 min plank are easy after each other? And if I get bored with those exercises I always can add more sticks or exchange them with other ones. With exchanging sticks I can also add harder or easier exercises.


What do you think about a workout like that? 


Popsicle workout vienista by Daniela Popsicle workout vienista by Daniela Popsicle workout vienista by Daniela




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  1. says

    Wow – das ist ja eine richtig coole Idee.. die ist absolut auch was für mich Fauli 😀
    So weiß man nicht, was man bekommt und kann sich vielleicht doch besser zum Sporteln motivieren 🙂

    Alles Liebe, Katii

    • says

      Da stimme ich dir vollkommen zu. Es ist einfacher sich zu motivieren und dann denke ich mir auch öfters och sind doch nur 4-6 Eisstiele, aber am Ende sind es 30 Minuten workout 🙂

      Liebe Grüße,