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Running in Central Park NYC

Hello Globetrotters,

How long are you running?, Where are you doing it? Why will you run a half marathon? What brand on workout clothes do you recommend? These are all questions I get asked quiet regular because off all my travels and also with how I stay in shape during them.

A couple weeks ago I did read something similar on another blog and thought this would be a good thing to share finally with my readers.

Since when are you running?

I´m running on/off since Fall 2011 but never took it really seriously. This changed February 2015 and ever since then I´m a runner like a crazy woman.


How often do you run?

I try to run 3 to 4 times a week. It always depends on if I´m in training or just running for fun. Right now I´m training so 3 short runs and 1 long run on the weekend. Those days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at the best but sometimes life comes in the way.


What is the longest distance you did run so far?

The longest distance I did run so far was 8 miles. Once in a trainings run a couple of weeks ago and one time last year when I was doing the Wings for life run in Santa Clarita. Soon I have to do 13.1 miles and I´m training for it.


Where you prefer to run?

I prefer to run in the forests. It is quiet and I don´t have to watch out for cars or other runners. Back home in Austria running was like heaven. Free country roads, no traffic and fresh air. Right now I run on a busy stret and it is sometimes hard to get lost in my own head.


What makes you run on a day with bad weather?

On really cold days I never run because it hurts my lungs and I just hate to freeze. But rain and wind never hold me back from running. A couple of days ago I went for a run with the dog and on the last mile of our run we came into a rain storm it just made us run faster.


Why do you run?

First it was more an exercise to lose weight and keep it off. These days running is my peace place. When I´m stressed, sad or something like that I go for a run and it helps me deal with my feelings and think clearer.


Did you ever run during one of your travels? If yes, what was your favourite place?

I will always put my workout gear in my suitcase but sometimes I just have some other plans and it never happens. Sometimes I run every morning of my vacation.

My favourite place to run so far was the beach. It has something magic when you run in the early mornings with no one at the beach and just hear your breath and the ocean.


Where would you like to run?

I would like to run once at the great wall of China. Ever since I started running I think it would be a big challenge to run it but I love challenges.


What is your favourite running gear?

I prefer to run in long pants and a simple tank top. I don´t like shorts because they tend to roll up and I fon´t like to show of that much skin. My pants are mostly black because my shoes are so colorful and my tanks as well. But I mostly love a good sports bra and you can never have enough of them. I even think I got more sports bras than regular ones. I especially love Champion bras. 


What advice would you give a beginner?

Believe in yourself.

Nobody else will do it for you. Try to start slow and increase over time.

Got more questions? Ask them. 


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