Running with the NYC Nike run club


Hello Globetrotters,

during a usual week I do my long runs alone, it just makes it easier to listen to my body and figure out what works best for me. But a little while ago I found out that New York City has a Nike run club and I immediately knew I have to attend it at least once. They provide pacers and trainers, you always can ask for advice or for some tips. Last week I was able to attend the long run on Saturday and since the moment I knew I will attend I was excited.

After getting up Saturday at 5am, I made it to the train station just in time to catch the train, the subway ride in NYC was short and I reached Niketown, our meetup point for this week, in no time. I was early enough to sign in, check my bag and use the bathroom. I was surprised how many people attended the long run.
When I booked my spot earlier the same week I had to choose between 6, 8 or 14 miles and what pace I want to run the distance.


My choice was 8 miles and a 10 min/mile pace. Which is a little faster than my usual long distance pace but I thought in a group I can do it. When most of the people where their we got handed wrist bands in different colors to know which group we are in.
First we had a little speech from the main trainer and after we got sepparated up in our pace groups and started to warm up with stretches. The best detail was the pacer who handed me my wrist band was one of my group and he called the time sexy time, I thought that was a nice little touch to motivate us slower ones a little one. The 8 miles runners were running together with the 14 milers and would split up at the water break.

The route did lead us from Niketown to the east, we crossed Queensboro bridge and on the other side we along the water front. Almost at mile 4 we had our water break and the split up. We still had to cross the Roosevelt Island bridge to get to our turning point and to run the same route back as we came.

I felt great during the whole run and sometimes the pace even felt a little to easy but I just went with the flow. A little over 8 miles later we were back at the Nike store. We stayed outside besides the store to stretch and cool down. When I walked inside to grab my back I saw that Nike offered drinks and snacks for the runners as well as trainers to help you stretch a little longer and black rolls. I was more than just positive surprised how well-organized the run was as well as how much support we got.

Of course I´m not hiding my times from you guys. It took me 1:16 hour to finish 8.21 miles, this is a pace of 9:22 min, 310 feet of elevation and 931 calories burned. As you might have realized our time was way faster than the 10 min/mile but I felt great and loved the whole experience. For now they have a summer break but they will be back soon and I can´t wait to attend more runs especially when it gets closer to my Marathon in October.

My final thoughts are that it was great that I did attend. I could figure out what I´m capable off in a different situation, especially with the Half Marathon t


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