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Hello Globetrotters,

Finally I made it to this day and I can share some of my favourite lifestyle instagram accounts with you. When I was sitting in front of my computer and I had finally made the decision to narrow them down to 3 accounts I had the next problem coming up. How do I select 3 accounts I really like and enjoy visiting every day? I was thinking about it for a long time and at the end nothing helped, not the swearing or grumbling I had to decide on the top 3 lifestyle accounts.

I did need 5 days for making this decision. I did write down so many names, did delete them, put them back on my list and at the end I was too confused. So I did start all over again and made an even bigger mess this time. After I was like, okay now or never. I took my phone opened Instagram and scrolled thru my feed and decided to take those accounts with the best picture on this day. Otherwise I would have never decided on those 3 accounts. But I´m sure I´m still only knowing 2% of all the accounts out their.

Give me the chance to discover yours. Leave your account and I will check it out and share some like love.

Becky is an awesome mom who show pictures of her life, especially her outfits and her adorable daughter. She has a very casual style and the most times I see an outfit from her I´m like, I need to style my clothes like that. If she is the mood too she also shows some picture from the beauty products she uses and from her yummy lunch table.

Nikki is a warm and friendly person who lets us into her life with showing us some awesome pictures of her day. The most of her pictures are from her outfits, her interior, behind the scene pictures and from some yummy food she eats. I love her pictures because her pictures are always bright and somehow they make me happy.

This girl, Megan, has a unique taste and she enjoys life. In my opinion she is one of the prettiest woman I ever saw online but not only her look is making that but for me also the way she let us be a part of her life. She shows a lot of it to us and shares rare moments with us.


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