Top 5 museums in New York City

museums in New York city MET Museum of natural history

Hello Globetrotters,

not everybody is a huge fan of museums but people who love to spend time learning about new things will have a hard time leaving New York City. In my opinion NYC has the most variety on museums to offer besides Washington DC. My mom would say, a little bit of everything.
The museums are in no specific order, just my Top 5 museums I like to visit.

#1 – American museum of natural history

This museum is located on 79th Street, right at the west entrance to Central Park. Admission is suggested, so you may pay whatever you want. Special shows and exhibits might have an extra charge.

When you plan to visit bring a lot of time with you. The building has 4 floors open to the public and more than 42 exhibits on display. My favorite parts every time I visit are the dinosaurs and the ocean life. No matter when I go I will see everybody from toddlers to seniors stare at the exhibits and just be speechless. Getting lost in the new things you see will be easy and kids will be occupied for hours.

When already around Central Park take a walk in it after and see what it has to offer.

museums in New York city MET Museum of natural history

#2 – Intrepid Sea – Air – Space Museum

The museum is an 900 foot long aircraft carrier located at Pier 86. The closest subway station is on 42nd Street and it takes you 15 to 20 minutes to walk from there or you take a taxi. The admission is $ 26 for adults and free for members and for military.

1982 was the year the museum opened his doors and it is ever since than a national historic landmark and an unique attraction. I personally have seen many museums and this one is taking my breath away every time.
That aircraft carrier is 73 years old, survived the Vietnam war and the cold war and is still working but now as a educational center. Seeing things like this makes me honor our heroes and service man even more.

When you get the chance enjoy the Pier or if you want more action walk back to 42nd street and enjoy time square.

#3 – Metropolitan museum of art

This museum is across from #1 – the american museum of natural history, just on the other side of Central Park. The general admission is suggested.

Almost as big as the natural history museum it gives a home to more than 5000 years of history. Alone the building from the outside is amazing to look at. It reminds me of an emporer´s palace with the staircase and water fountains.
My favorite part is the Egyptian art gallery which includes a whole temple they got as a gift. Right after that are the European sculptures, just speechless when I see them.

The museum also offers a big variety of bars and restaurants as well as a shop. Other museums are close by as well if you want a long museum day.

museums in New York city MET Museum of natural history

#4 – The museum of the City of New York

The museum is located at the North East side of Central Park, also known as the museums mile. Admission is suggested, so you may pay whatever you want.

The building looks more like a Colonial american mansion but the inside is so much more than that. Collections and preserves of original materials from the city of New York.
Plan on a long visit, I would say 3 to 4 hours. This museum shows off the city we all love and shows it off for the beauty and the ugly side and makes you happy you are here. Definitely worth checking out.

#5 – The museum at FIT

Located on the 26th street and 8th Avenue is this beauty. Which means it is close to subway stations and the entrance to it is free.

The museum is for everybody, young and old, especially if you are into fashion and costumes you will feel like you just landed in heaven. It gives housing to more than 50.000 costumes and fabrics. The oldest from the 5th century and the youngest from the present.

I have been there once but as you are able to tell it made quiet an impression on me. Like almost every person I´m amazed how clothes and fabrics have changed over the years as well as how much influence still has on today´s wardrobe.

museums in New York city MET Museum of natural history

Every museum I mentioned above has restaurants, shops and other sightseeing spots around them which can be visited at the same day. The all are in walking distance to subway or bus stations or easy to reach by cab. I prefer to use buses and subways because they almost never hit traffic.

Like I said those are my Top 5 museums in New York City. Of course I did visit many more than just them and I could talk for days about them. If you folks are interested in I can also make a list with my Top 5 odd museums.

What do you think about that?


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