Weekend trip: Atlantic City & Cape May, New Jersey

Atlantic City boardwalk ocean

Hello Globetrotters,

slowly but surely my time here in the US is running out. Today I only have 6 more months left to enjoy and discover it. This is only one of the many reasons we took it to a next level and decided on a road trip to Atlantic City and Cape May. Yes, I´m one of the crazy ones who drives on a Saturday down to just come back home Sunday evening. But let me tell you the whole story to give you a hint of how it really is.

Atlantic city is about 2 hours drive away or 120 miles from Maplewood my hometown right now. Our plan was to leave a little after noon to not hit traffic and be there to enjoy the beach before we walk along the pier. As usual nothing goes as planned and we hit traffic and it took us almost 3 1/2 hours. When my friend and I arrived we grabbed our towels and books and made our way to the beach. It was a little cooler than when we left but still okay to lay down and relax after the long drive.

Atlantic City boardwalk ocean

When we looked around we saw some nice beach bars, a rowing boat and a lot of people coming after work and having a drink or dinner at the beach. The rowing boat had Atlantic City written on the side, the perfect backdrop for a picture with the ocean. After that we talked what we wanted to do next but out of a sudden it got dark, cloudy and windy. We picked up our stuff and tried to hurry to the car but the rain storm caught us half way. We waited under the Tropicana roof until it was over.

Because we both decided to sleep in the car, with the back seats folded it was like a bed, we opened the trunk and sat to eat dinner which we brought from home to eat as healthy as possible. Dinner gave us enough time to decide what we wanted to see at the boardwalk and if we want to walk into all the casinos. The first one we went into was the Tropicana casino and I was stunned how big it is, we might have gotten lost once or twice in it. This Casino has also a little mall in the same building and during the stroll thru it we discovered a frozen yogurt which we decided spontaneous it should be our dessert. Another discovery was that the Tropicana has every Saturday at 10 pm a firework in front of it which we wanted to see.

We went and took a look into the Trump Taj Mahal as well as the Ceasars Atlantic City, my favorite was the Tropicana casino. I hate to lose money and to gamble, so we only looked around. At the end I didn´t understand one game really. Just too much offer and to many people and crazy noises.

Atlantic City boardwalk ocean

On the boardwalk we took looks at everything and were stunned by some things, by some we were confused and some made us laugh. At one store I saw a sweater I needed to have and I bought it. When we left the Taj Mahal we went to the last thing on the boardwalk we wanted to see, the steel pier. I´m always amazed on how many people are there as well as about the crazy rides they offer. When we checked our watches we realized it was almost 10 pm and walked back brisk. Before you guys now expect to see firework pictures I have to tell you, we were to far away to make it in time but we still could see it in the distance.

We weren´t that unhappy because we knew we tried and we kinda saw it and this was okay for us because we discovered a Saloon Bar which had a live band playing. Inside we took the chance to listen to it and to my surprise they were pretty good. Maybe that they played my favourite song did help to judge. The bar is located at Bally´s Atlantic City, I recommend you guys, check it out.

Before we called it a night we stopped one more time at the Rainforest Café to take a look inside and I was speechless. I saw similar Cafés before and nothing was like that. I really felt like entering a rainforest with all the green leaves and the monkey hanging around.

Atlantic City boardwalk ocean Atlantic City boardwalk ocean

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Back at the car we decided that we will drive a little more down south to be closer to Cape May. Why Cape May? because it is the most southern point of New Jersey and has amazing beaches to offer. In a quiet neighborhood we parked the care and got ready for bed. The next morning we changed and brushed teeth at a McDonald’s, grabbed coffee for the way and drove down the last hour.

Our first stop was Cape May point to see the lighthouse, the bird observation deck and the battery 223. All of them are impressive to see, the lighthouse is tall and looking over the whole ocean front, the observatory gives you a great view of the surroundings and the battery is historical monument and just an incredible impressive building build on the beach in 1943. We walked also around the beach and to the water but soon saw that the waves were to strong here.

Close to the observatory is a tourist information center, which we used to get some information’s about Cape May and what they have to offer. Lucky us they even have a small map with all the important buildings along the pier and board walk. Back in the car we drove to the official Cape May Beach, parked the car, grabbed our beach bags with some snacks and walked to the beach. Our plan was to spend some hours at the beach which we did but not without SPF 70 and enough water. We used the time wisely to relax, take pictures, play volleyball, jump in the ocean and watch the surfers. Lucky me it was always a little cloudy and it saved my life because I got no sunburn for once.

Cape May bach Boardwalk downtown southern point

In the late afternoon we were hungry and wanted to discover more of Cape May. Back at the car we had lunch and talked about the next steps. With the map in our hands we started our exploration. Down a side road to reach the promenade. There we walked by a miniature golf course which looked fun but was a little crowded with families, a ton of local stores and restaurants, at the local fine fellows creamistry we stopped to grab some ice cream. Let me tell you, the best I ate so far in the US. Back up another side street to pass a cupcake boutique and the congress hall, our goal was the pedestrian zone in the center of Cape May. The zone had a ton of cute little stores amongst others a toy shop, a soap store, a sweet house and clothing store called beach bums. On the way I got a postcard for my grandma, which is still not in the mail.

Back at the car the sun was still out and it was warm, of course those were reasons enough to take a last walk at the beach. When we saw the lifeguards were gone, we took the chance to take a picture sitting in a life guards “chair”. On our way out of Cape May we passed the fisherman´s memorial and of course we stopped for a picture. And as most people might have known it by now, we hit traffic again on the way home. It took us 4 hours to get home but the whole driving around and sitting in the care part was worth it. This was one of the best weekends this far and I hope many more will follow.

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